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How to buy Era Swap token with credit card

Want to buy ES, but don't know how to get started? Follow these easy steps! All you need is an email address and a credit card.

Ondefy offers the fastest way to buy Era Swap

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Enter Amount

2. Connect your email or wallet

3. Pay by credit card or bank transfer

What is Era Swap?

Era Swap Token (ES) is a decentralized utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). It is used on multiple platforms for the exchange of services (P2P), discounts, rewards, and more. ES is supported by the Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE), which consists of multiple utility platforms for day to day life such as a P2P Social Marketplace, Education, Charity, Prediction, Multi Exchange Solution, P2P Lend & Borrow, Decentralized Wallet, Affiliate Program, Token Vesting, Merchants & Shoppers, and more. The utility of ES comes from its ease of access and smart contract driven reward distribution for transparency. These rewards can be redeemed back by users within the ecosystem.

Era Swap Ecosystem includes multiple interlinked platforms such as TimeAlly DApp, BetDeEx DApp, Era Swap Academy, Time Swappers, Era Swap Wallet, BuzCafe, Swappers Wall, and Day Swappers. TimeAlly DApp is a set of smart contract driven token vesting platforms which rewards the community for vesting. BetDeEx is a decentralized Prediction Platform where users can predict and win. Era Swap Academy is a self-paced eLearning app to learn blockchain technology. Time Swappers is a P2P social marketplace where users are rewarded for sharing original content and exchanging services. Era Swap Wallet is a decentralized and secured wallet with HD wallet. BuzCafe is a retail network where community can transact in P2P mode. Swappers Wall is a social platform integrated with marketplace. Day Swappers is an affiliate program which adds more users to multiple platforms by referring their community and get rewarded based on their contribution.

Era Swap Token (ES) is a solution to the problems of traditional centralized platforms, such as lack of affordable learning platforms, lack of self-paced learning applications, lack of awareness of technology, lack of aggregators, lack of social platforms, high fees, lack of control over data, and no profit sharing. ES is designed to create an ecosystem of multiple interlinked platforms which make the ecosystem self-sustainable and not dependent on any third party. Users communicate in transparent P2P mode to exchange their requirements on a day to day basis. The team is focused on simplifying the offerings with user-friendly solutions which can be used easily by any common person. For more information, please refer to the white paper at https://eraswaptoken.io/pdf/eraswap_whitepaper.pdf.

How do I buy Era Swap in 2024?

You can buy Era Swap using credit card (Visa or MasterCard), bank transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay. All you need to do is to choose a fiat currency, e.g. CHF, and enter an amount. A conversion rate is calculated for you. Once you are happy with the rate, tap the "Continue" button to get started. At this point, you will need to connect your email or wallet (if you are buying crypto for the first time, it will be easier for you to use your email, but Metamask and WalletConnect are also supported). Depending on wether Era Swap is supported by our ramp provider, you may be invited to buy an intermediary token, that we will then swap to Era Swap for you. In this case, you will first need to sign a permit in order to allow us to perform this swap on your behalf. Finally, you will be able to choose your payment method, and finalise your purchase. If this is your first time buying with Ondefy, you will need to complete a short KYC (Known Your Customer) verification.

Is it safe to buy Era Swap?

Your payment processing is securely handled by our partner Transak, and your purchased Era Swap tokens benefit from the security of the blockchain. Nevertheless, as an investor you must assume the risk of owning cryptocurrencies, due to their inherent price volatility.