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How to buy Forest Knight token with credit card

Want to buy KNIGHT, but don't know how to get started? Follow these easy steps! All you need is an email address and a credit card.

Ondefy offers the fastest way to buy Forest Knight

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Enter Amount

2. Connect your email or wallet

3. Pay by credit card or bank transfer

What is Forest Knight?

Join the adventure and become a Forest Knight today!

Forest Knight is a Play-to-Earn mobile game powered by Ethereum & Polygon Layer 2. This Free-to-Play Turn-Based Strategy game allows players to build their own team of brave heroes from different realms to join the battle against the Skeleton Master. Players can level up their heroes and equip them with unique and powerful NFTs to aid them in this journey. They can challenge other knights of the kingdom in the PvP Arena for great rewards, join guilds with like-minded knights and fight in mass battles versus other guilds, train their own pets and gain $KNIGHT tokens every step of the way.

What makes Forest Knight unique is its Free-to-Play model, which allows players to play the game and earn both NFTs and Tokens, without having to invest anything but time. The game features a deceptively simple presentation with eye-catching fantasy graphics that conceal deep strategic structure and tactical nuance underneath. Players can recruit new heroes to join them in the battle to protect the realms, each with their own strengths and weaknesses (plus weapons and accessories) that provide varying advantages and drawbacks against enemy teams.

The $KNIGHT token is a native, utility token used for Marketplace Trading, Upgrading & Merging NFTs, Staking in Buildings, Guild Wars Bounties, PVP Tournament Entries, and Blockchain Pet Evolution. Forest Knight is a game whose experience is enhanced by NFT collectibles and not the other way around. Earning money from playing should just be a byproduct of enjoying yourself while playing the game, which is exactly what Chrono Games aims to do with Forest Knight. Join the adventure and become a Forest Knight today!

How do I buy Forest Knight in 2024?

You can buy Forest Knight using credit card (Visa or MasterCard), bank transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay. All you need to do is to choose a fiat currency, e.g. CHF, and enter an amount. A conversion rate is calculated for you. Once you are happy with the rate, tap the "Continue" button to get started. At this point, you will need to connect your email or wallet (if you are buying crypto for the first time, it will be easier for you to use your email, but Metamask and WalletConnect are also supported). Depending on wether Forest Knight is supported by our ramp provider, you may be invited to buy an intermediary token, that we will then swap to Forest Knight for you. In this case, you will first need to sign a permit in order to allow us to perform this swap on your behalf. Finally, you will be able to choose your payment method, and finalise your purchase. If this is your first time buying with Ondefy, you will need to complete a short KYC (Known Your Customer) verification.

Is it safe to buy Forest Knight?

Your payment processing is securely handled by our partner Transak, and your purchased Forest Knight tokens benefit from the security of the blockchain. Nevertheless, as an investor you must assume the risk of owning cryptocurrencies, due to their inherent price volatility.